The day begins with a general assembly of all students and staff. Before then those students who reside in the hostel usually arrive to the school hall singing various local songs of praises before those who live off campus arrive.

Using the transport service provided by Waye Foundation staff and students are transported every day to and fro the center. The transport covers those living around the city center and those living around the Bukuru metropolis. The transport vehicles arrives almost simultaneously and the staffs and students walk to join those already at the assembly hall.

During the gathering, a word of exaltation is given by the guidance counsellor to encourage and challenge the student to step out and make a difference today in their lives. They are tasked to take their training seriously putting their minds and hearts into it to ensure that they utilize this opportunity given to them.

Other highlights of the gathering include words of instruction from the Waye Student Leader, the reading of the daily news from the student press club, and other announcements from the staff. Afterward, a general prayer is said to start up the day. We all retire to our classes for the day