Micro Enterprise Development


WAYE operates micro enterprise development, a small business that employs a small number of employees. This enterprise specializes in providing goods and services to the local community. Being one of the programs that are responsible for generating funds and support to the foundation and our community-based outreach, the Micro Enterprise Development is no doubt one of the most esteemed services of the foundation.

Besides this, the micro enterprise development hopes to become a strong financial house that would help ensure economic growth and reduce poverty among local people, particularly poor women and rural famers who often lack access to safe places to keep their savings and obtain credit to start businesses or to grow their already existing businesses or farms.

Again, the peasant farmers often do not have basic services like insurance to protect themselves against drought and natural disasters.  Small and very small organization owned by the poor often have little help in getting access to new technologies or business networks that could improve opportunities to sell their products. WAYE enterprise development hopes to be that bridge that links them to such facilities.

WAYE Enterprise Development is now at its pilot stage with few businesses running majorly to promote local product and services designed at the foundation.

RETAIL SHOPS: The enterprise owns and runs retail shops inside the centre and others at various location within the metropolis majorly to sell goods and products made in WAYE. These products include Fabric, “kampala”, Batik etc. made from the Fabric Dye department; Shirts, Blouses, and other Traditional Cloths made from the Tailoring department; other products include beaded necklaces, ear-rings, Bags, Sweaters, Cardigans, Shoes, Sandals and many more all made from Craft, Knitting, and Footwear departments respectively.

Beside hand made products, the enterprise also makes available to the market farm products produced from the WAYE farm such as Fish, Apple, Tomato, and other farm animals.

HALL RENTALS: WAYE Enterprise Development also has an event hall that seats about 1000 guests. The multipurpose hall is made available to the general public for rent to be used for Weddings, Conferences, Concerts, etc. The Hall is well equipped with chairs, tables, lights, a big stage for performances, Air conditions and a standby generator set.

 CHALETS RENTALS:  The enterprise development also manages sets of chalets built inside the centre. The chalets are self-contain with a kitchen, bathroom, and living room area. It is situated in a quiet location best for retreat and short stay. The chalet(s) offers delightful accommodation all year round to the general public, churches and organisations at a very affordable price. The chalet offers other facilities for seminars, training, and conferences since its close to our conference hall.