Reproductive Health


WAYE recognizes the importance of reproductive health in achieving international development goals. To us, Reproductive Health is a human right that must not be neglected. Yet poor reproductive health conditions are the leading cause of deaths and illnesses in women of childbearing age, as well as children.

According to UN Studies, “in every minute, a woman in the developing world dies from treatable complications of pregnancy or childbirth.  Every minute, a family is devastated.  The lives of surviving children are put at risk.  Communities suffer.  And for every woman who dies, as many as 20 are seriously harmed by VVF or other injuries caused by childbearing”.

This is why WAYE runs a reproductive health program that offers services such as treatment of VVF patients, treatment of minor ailments, family planning unit, and cervical screening unit. It also carries out HIV/AIDS counselling and testing.

WAYE promotes a holistic approach to reproductive health care that includes:

  • Universal access to accurate information, a range of safe and affordable contraceptive methods, and sensitive counselling.
  • Ensuring that quality of maternal obstetric care is available to pregnant women.
  • Prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
  • Family planning and VVF treatment and control services.

WAYE believes that Investments in reproductive health saves and improve lives, slows down the spread of HIV and encourage gender equality.  These benefits extend from the individual to the family and from the family to the society.