Why WAYE Foundation is important to us

Ngo Talatu Jang

Women in Agriculture and Youth Empowerment (WAYE) Foundation was born out of a great passion to see a better life for women, youths and children especially those in the rural areas. WAYE a non-governmental and non-profit development organization was founded by Mrs Talatu Jang. Challenged by the level of poverty she observed in women and the youths during the electioneering campaign, she resolved that there is no better time to address this problem but now. She sprang into action and commenced the establishment of the organization with its headquarters in Jos, the Plateau State capital, Nigeria. After thorough review and discussion a board of directors was inaugurated, faced with the task to make the foundation become a national and international philanthropy dedicated to the advancement of human welfare.

The board embraced the objectives to

  1. To set up a skill acquisition centre in order to empower the target group economically and socially.
  2. To link up beneficiaries with organizations and agencies where they can access micro-enterprise loan facilities.
  3. To build the capacity of peasant women and youth on farming and preservation, in order to improve on their economy and be self-reliant.
  4. To partner with any organization or government, to promote the ideals of WAYE Foundation.
  5. To render reproductive health services including HIV/AIDS, VVF repair, care and rehabilitation.

The board also endorsed the foundation to operate under the general guidance of the trustees, with the president and staff officers having the capacity and the flexibility to respond to unforeseen issues and new opportunities to ensure that the organization achieves its goals and objectives. Since its inception in 2007, WAYE has graduated over one thousand beneficiaries (students) in Six (8) sets. Each of which is well trained and equipped with a unique skill and attitude that is today helping them provide for themselves and their family a means to fight poverty and empowerment not just for themselves but also their communities through the employment opportunity(s) they provide.
The organization has metamorphosed over the years to expand its various programs to promote sustainable social and economic development for its target group.

Our six-month training is taught, organized and supervised by a group of capable teachers and experts. Over the years, our trustees have brought in their experience in business, government, higher education, law, nonprofit management and the civic sector with a different approach and continuity of purpose to keep the organization on ahead. Ultimately WAYE aims to empower women and youths in the state and beyond to live more productive lives contributing positively to the economic and moral fabric of our society keeping them off the streets and vices that lead to the destruction of lives. Our programs at WAYE continue to serve the public welfare by strengthening democratic values, reducing poverty and injustice, promoting international cooperation and advancing human development.